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Rebirth of Buddha Chat!
Buddha Chat was one of the most lively Buddhist discussion forums until it came to an abrupt end. I resolved that if I ever had the chance, I would get it running again and do my very best to keep it going indefinitely. Finally, that opportunity has arrived.

One of the great things about Buddha Chat was the light touch of the admin and moderators. They facilitated discussion rather than dictate it. Respectful debate was encouraged and many delusions were shattered. Pearls of the Buddha's wisdom were abundant. Instead of trying to reinvent Buddha Chat, I want to pick up from where it left off and let it evolve as necessary.

I can't do this alone. Any type of contribution is welcome, from spreading the word to posting topics; every little bit will help. If you feel qualified to take charge of one of the sub-forums, please drop me a line. 
Thank you for visiting, and I look forward to your contributions!

sounds good. I hope it is functioning; it seems very quiet!

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