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New To Buddhism
Hello! I arrived at this website as a brand new person looking into Buddhism. I would very much love to learn more about it and learn how I can be more mindful and at peace in my daily life. Being mindful and learning what I have so far has already helped my anxiety tremendously, and this is the first time I've felt it dissapate in my life. Any help on how I can progress or where I should go from here would be great. Thanks!
The fact that you've noticed some differences is proof that you're going in the right direction. The Buddha always encouraged people to verify his teachings for themselves, so keep exploring his teachings and put them to the test! 

It's often challenging to find good resources, as information for beginners is often too watered down and thus not true to the Buddha's teachings. But with more advanced material, it's easy to drown in a sea or jargon! Here I will provide a couple of resources which are faithful to the original teachings yet still quite accessible for beginners.

First is an ebook published by a non-profit that can be downloaded here:
It's aimed at beginners and contains practical information such as the foundations of mindfulness in Ch. 10 (page 143), as well as many useful lists from the Pali Canon.

Second is a transcription/translation of a talk by Buddhadasa Bhikkhu, here is the link:
Buddhadasa's speech articulates the very core of Buddhist teachings. It may take a couple of readings to fully absorb.

I wish you well on your journey down the Middle Path!

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